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Our Products

varicose vein cream and leg lotion

Invisi-Veintm varicose vein cream &
Leg Energy Lotion circulation enhancer

An alternative to surgery, Invisi-Vein all-natural cream helps fade, reduce, and prevent varicose and spider veins on legs, face, arms, nose and elsewhere on the body.

AndeanRose stretch mark and scar cream

AndeanRosetm stretch mark and scar cream
with Rosa Mosqueta, ‘Gold of the Andes’

AndeanRose is the premiere, totally natural intensive cream for stretch marks, scars, burns, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis and photo-aged or sun-damaged skin.

Venus Skin Lighten

Venus Skin Lighten evens skin tone,
safely and naturally

Venus Skin Lighten helps remove age and liver spots and helps even skin tone without harsh chemicals — gentle and safe to use in any area of the body.

Pain-Eez cream

Pain-Eeztm, all natural joint pain relief cream
with MSM, arnica and devil’ claw

Pain-Eez is the premier all-natural pain cream formulated with powerful herbals and essential oils to bring temporary relief from chronic pain conditions.

Venus Pycnogenol cream

Venus Pycnogenol® Cream,
helps protect skin from accelerated aging

All ages can benefit from this all natural cream containing Pure Pycnogenol Extract. Use it for repairing damaged skin (sun and scar damage) and daily skin care.

Venus Cellagen Cream

Venus Cellagentm, the original cell regeneration and wrinkle cream

Venus Cellagen contains plant-derived collagen and essential oils to delay cellular changes associated with aging skin. Use daily for a blushing, youthful complexion.

Venus Breast Enhance Cream

Venus Breast Enhancetm, the original
100% natural breast enlargement cream

Safer than surgery, faster and more effective than taking pills or tablets, first sold in 1998, seen on TV in 2004, helped thousands of women get a more beautiful bustline.

Calendula and Gardeners hand cream, foot cream

Venus Calendula hand cream, Gardeners hand cream & Vanilla Mint foot cream

Exotic hand and foot creams, containing highest quality ingredients and essential oils including sandalwood, pure vanilla, immortelle (everlasting) and peppermint.

eye firming and anti-aging cream

Venus Eye Creams for firming and anti-aging

Venus Eye creams contain only natural ingredients, essential oils include Roman and German chamomile, cypress, frankincense, lavender, neroli and bergamot.

venus acne treatment system

Venus Acne Products Reduce Acne Symptoms Naturally

This complete system contains everything you need to control acne symptoms. It includes Light Cleansing Lotion, Balancing Toner, Venus Acne Cream, Scar Cream and Fruit Acid Cream.

venus natural weight loss

Venus Natural Weight Loss Products

Control weight and cellulite symptoms with these body slimming and contouring products, including firming/cellulite cream, firming and toning lotion, seaweed shower gel and the natural skin brush.

natural skin care products

Moisturizers, Cleansers and Toners

Reap the benefits of natural skin care with Venus Naturals products. Toners are made fresh from pure hydrosols and high grade essential oils. No plain water or alcohol is used. Moisturizers and cleansers start with an aromatherapy cream base made especially for your skin type. Essential oils (flower and herb extracts) are added for their therapeutic benefits.

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