francine, owner
francine, owner

enus Naturals was started in 1996 by Francine, a former model for many years and a trained cosmetologist.

Our company manufactures and sells our own line of natural, holistic beauty products. All of our products are completely hypoallergenic, containing only pure, high quality natural ingredients. We use no chemical additives such as synthetic dyes or thickeners. Venus Naturals combines the best of natural cream making, aromatherapy and herbal science to bring to you the finest all-natural beauty products sold anywhere.

Our consultants include a PhD Chemist, who helps us with our formulations; a Master Herbalist with a history in herbal medicine going back over 100 years; and Certified Aromatherapists, who make extensive use of essential oils in their holistic treatments.

Venus Naturals has been a member of the Scarborough Chamber of Commerce in good standing since 2002.

Venus Naturals has been selling natural beauty products online since 1996.

What is “Natural”?


atural substances include botanicals such as herbs and flowers as well as the active ingredients or oils that are extracted from them by natural means. For example, cold-pressed oils contain more of the active healing ingredients than refined oils. The refining process often destroys the very ingredients that are of the most benefit to you.

Oils that are extracted from many flowers and herbs are referred to as essential oils. These are usually extracted using a steam-distillation process to produce a highly concentrated oil. Examples include lavender oil, juniper oil and rose oil. (it takes two tons of rose petals to produce one kilo, or two pounds of oil)

Different essential oils can be extracted from various parts of the same plant. Each essential oil has unique properties and can be utilized by the human body to aid health and prevent disease.

Products made by pharmaceutical and big cosmetics companies are often petroleum based. These companies try to synthesize and duplicate what already occurs in nature. Synthetic ingredients always lack the life force energy that was present in the actual plant or tree from which it was produced.

Not only are these products less effective in skin care treatment, there is mounting evidence that they break down collagen in the skin, causing the skin to form wrinkles. Thus, many synthetic anti-aging products directly contribute to the aging process of the skin itself!

In contrast to commercial, mass-produced cosmetics, products by Venus Naturals are made in small batches and make exclusive use of natural substances. They contain no mineral oils or chemical additives such as synthetic preservatives or dyes; nor do they contain any animal by-products in any form i.e. lanolin or animal gelatin.

Essential oils improve vital processes in the cell and cell membrane especially the nervous system.

They influence:

A note about essential oils: There are different ‘grades’ of essential oils depending on the quality of the original plant and the extraction method used. We at Venus Naturals use only the highest grades of essential oils (as well as other natural substances). This highest grade is generally referred to as ‘aromatherapy’ grade, that which is used for therapeutic purposes in natural therapy clinics. Many companies advertising on TV claim that their products are natural and contain essential oils. Their products may contain a small amount of essential oils, but they often contain other, chemically-produced additives or animal by-products that defeat the purpose of the product or lessen its value.

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