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Venus Invisi-vein and Leg Energy

Doctor recommended for varicose veins

“I am SO happy I found this cream and have used it for years. I have had varicose veins my entire life, even as a child. I am a 50 year-old female physician, am on my feet for long periods and can't always get my legs elevated as much as I should. My veins have always been painful, especially during hot, humid weather. This is the only cream I have tried (and I have tried them all) that ever relieved the pain, stinging and heavy feeling in my legs. It has also stopped the progression of my spider veins. This cream has a great reputation among health professionals and is masterfully formulated using only natural ingredients. I recommend it to my patients and they all report the same good results. It has been a godsend for me. I will never be without it.”

DrJay, June 24, 2012

Helped my leg!

“I had a vein in my leg that was very painful and swollen. I have rubbed this cream on the vein every time it became painful and it stopped hurting. Great product!”

Donna Mensik, June 30, 2013
verified purchase, single jar of invisi-vein


“This was bought by my wife for a varicose vein on the shin- with regular and frequent application she said the result was superb, and the vein now is completely undetectable.”

Austin M., April 16, 2014
verified purchase, single jar of invisi-vein

Work like instant!

“I order a trail jar just to see if it works on my horrible, painful veins. It amazes me how this cream flatten my veins and reduce the swollen of my viens. After 3 days of using the cream ( follow direction use it 2 a day for best result) my legs felt so much better. No more tired and achy legs, you an see the result my viens are fadding. Of course do not rely on the cream. Try to put your legs up when relaxing especially at night so then blood flow goes back to your heart and that helps even better. I used my support hose everyday to help my legs to. Now Im ordering for more for my daily use.”

Gen, July 9, 2013
verified purchase, single jar of invisi-vein

Five Stars

“I definitely notice a reduction in pain levels and swelling when I use this consistently.”

Oppie1, June 9, 2015
verified purchase, single jar of invisi-vein

consistently good

“its the only thing I have found that helps lessen the vein bulges in my leg”

F. J. Suglia, June 29, 2015
verified purchase, single jar of invisi-vein

Very Painful with the legs

“Very Painful with the legs... Bad circulation, arthritis, restless was impossible to find in California in the shops a cream or a lotion to help me... When I found this one... What a relief!!!

“It is a superb treat! Of course, a little expensive but... but... but... I do recommend it and will long to receive a new one. Thanks for Amazon!”

Den 17, April 10, 2016
verified purchase, single bottle of leg energy

Love this product

“Love this product ! It really works ! I use it when my feet and legs are tired and helps so much with my veins on my legs too! Makes my restless legs to be calm . Great ingrediemts for a terrific product!”

Alicia Carlson, April 12, 2015
verified purchase, single bottle of leg energy

Vein cream

“It is very potent lotion. Gets the blood circulation going. For use before excercize I understand. ”

Barbara L. Clayton, September 6, 2015
verified purchase, single bottle of leg energy

Love this Cream

“I have been using the Invisi-vein varicose vein cream since July 2012. This product is remarkable and I actually saw results within the first four weeks. The cream is very soothing and I love the smell. When I first started using this, I applied the cream in the morning and right before I went to bed at night. My skin felt smoother and tighter and the overall appearance of my leg is so much better. I also have spider veins which were dark purple in July but are now a lighter pink color. Nothing has completely disappeared but this cream has greatly improved the appearance of my varicose veins and I feel better about wearing a skirt in the summer. I no longer have the warm puffy veins that I had in July since this cream soothes and cools the area. I am really glad my husband found this product and I will continue to use this cream. ”

Pricey, April 1, 2013
verified purchase, 2 jars of invisi-vein


“I have always been a active person, always on my feet at work (retail) Within the past month I started a new wieght program at the gym. My legs became exhusted, achy,and I noticed spider,and varicose veins where there was none. I wanted relief from the pain and to improve the appearence of my legs.For the past month I apply the cream am and pm. Yes there is a degree of relief with the pain and the texture of my skin. (smoother, tighter) The veins appear slightly faded. No strong scent to the cream. ”

jewels, July 17, 2010
verified purchase, 2 jars of invisi-vein

Instant Relief!

“This is the first time I have purchased this combo since I normally purchase just the invisi-vein cream but I love it.

“The cream has always soothed and relieved the throbbing in my legs after a long day but this leg energy is so good! The leg energy instantly soothed my throbbing legs and I mean instantly. Within a minute or too, the throbbing had stopped and even I was surprised since I have been using the cream for years. I will definitely continue to buy the leg energy and use with the cream. These won't cure your varicose veins but they will give you relief from the throbbing and swelling and your skin texture will look so much smoother in the process.”

Pricey, May 21, 2018
verified purchase, leg care combo

Great product !!

“Both of these worked for me . It takes time to see the difference but a great product . I have lots of veins on legs and really helped ! The leg energy helps make my legs feel good too ! Highly recommended this product !!!”

Alicia Carlson, April 16, 2015
verified purchase, leg care combo

It actually works!

“I have seen some reasonable improvement, the secret is enough! ”

Lenny, August 23, 2014
verified purchase, leg care combo


“I have been using this product for sometime and find that it does help to ease any swelling or tightness on my leg. Both products are beneficial and do help the appearance of the leg in affected areas. ”

F. J. Suglia, January 29, 2014
verified purchase, 2 leg care combos

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feedback comments — invisi-vein

“Good product. It releived pressure from my legs due to varicose veins.”

evangeline cruz, April 23, 2012

“bought this for my mom. She was very happy with the results.”

Maria Henriquez, january 12, 2013

“We have ordered several times and everything has been great every time. I highly recommend this product and company”

Richard Price, january 24, 2013

“It works!”

Debra A. Fresquez, July 24, 2017

“...My relative there likes the product very much. She is very happy with it.”

Jim Przedzienkowski, July 22, 2016

“It was a great experience. Recommend it to others who have varicose vein pain and problems.”

Sheva, August 24, 2015

“This leg sleeve works really well! I have a varicose vein and it already has been helping a lot”

Amazon Customer, April 13, 2015

“I start it using it and just the first day my legs felt very light to the point I fell asleep, cause my legs was so confirtible and I was actually feeling it working so I have been using for one week and I can see the difference and its desaparing slowly so I'm just going to continueing using until it desapears, thanks for tis great product.”

Jose, March 21, 2015

“Many thanks for your excellent customer service. I have tried many different creams but this is the only one that I can see a difference. I am very pleased with this product.”

Margaret Stewart, March 16, 2015

“Love this product!...I am truly happy with this product,...”

Wendy Gonzalez, June 27, 2014

“Worked on a vein on my lower leg. When it started hurting and burning, I used this cream and it would stop hurting. ...”

Donna Mensik, June 9, 2013

“Product is as described and so far is giving good results.”

Denise Phelps, May 28, 2013

“pleased with effectiveness of this product after only 3 weeks, ...”

Judi, May 21, 2013

feedback comments — leg energy

“I liked the product, and I am using it, it seems that is working propertly so my legs look better than before”

Tula Perris, november 12, 2011

“My husband says that he likes this lotion a lot.”

Lynn Gale, may 28, 2018

“Very good product. Works”

Lawrence Aponte, May 4, 2016

feedback comments — leg care combo

“Excellent product!!! I have used this for awhile now and the ingredients are so great for my veins and sure makes my legs smooth and soft while it helps my legs . I have poor circulation in my legs and noticed it also helps them feel better . I highly recommend this product!!!!!”

Alicia Carlson, April 20, 2017

“Wonderful product. Great for varicose veins and circulation”

Sure Srolis, June 14, 2016

“Bought it for my 83 year old mother and she is amazed at how well she was doing by the end of the week. Reduction of both visual and pain is just incredible. She could not be any happier.”

Miguel Gonzalez, February 15, 2015

“This is a nice combo set. the bottle was smaller than I expected but the lotion does cover more than usual lotion. Attractive fragrance and so far, it does seem to offer the relief I was seeking. ...”

Diane, December 12, 2014

“...Product is awesome , most important it's really help ! Thank you!”

Sam, July 13, 2014

“then. It does disminish the veins appearance and I don't feel that bad when wearing shorts. It also help with the discomfort pain associate with bad circulation on the legs, I have less pain now. Thanks”

Alicia, June 6, 2014

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Venus Pycnogenol cream

Excellent and Effective Natural Cream

“I searched for an alcohol free cream that might preserve and protect my husband's fair skin to apply during the course of daily cancer radiation treatments to his head region and after radiation is over to repair damage as we were advised radiation will change the texture, color and quality of his skin. This Venus cream caught my eye initially because it's alcohol free and has Pycnogenol-a form of tree bark I take as an oral supplement because it's a powerful antioxidant. I also liked the list of other natural ingredients.

“After a few weeks of radiation, my husband's fair skin on the affected side of his face had turned a deep purplish-red burned color and was painful. He started using Venus cream and after 10 days his skin is no longer painful and looks fantastic even though he's still getting daily radiation. He applies it every night before bed, and uses Miaderm during the day as it's approved for radiation therapy. He limits Venus to once a night as his doctor won't let him take Pycnogenol in pill form and has some concerns a cream could inhibit radiation therapy as studies suggest when ingested it protects against cancer caused by radiation exposure. If used during radiation, you should consult your doctor.

“Venus appears to be a powerful and wonderful cream based on my husband's experience. I've also tried it myself and think it's excellent for my aging skin. It's thick and concentrated, and gives me a nice firming feel. It has a light pleasant scent from natural ingredients and feels soothing and calming. It's rich and works well as a night cream, but it absorbs well and can be used during the day under makeup (but it has no sunscreen). Also, I had never heard of Venus cream before and had questions, so I contacted support and received prompt, courteous and helpful information. Venus is a high quality natural cream that I'm happy I stumbled across, and I received excellent customer service. This is a cream I definitely recommend.”

Robin, Top 500 Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer
verified purchase, single jar, January 23, 2016

Excellent Product

“I've been using this product for over a year now and I love the results. There's something to be said for the amount of pycnogenol in combination with the other ingredients in this cream. Venus pycnogenol cream keeps my skin looking bright, young and no wrinkles. I shopped around and compared other creams that claim to have pycnogenol as an ingredient -- this is the first product that does what it claims to do.”

Windy, verified purchase, single jar, February 15, 2012


“I love this cream. The most pycnogenol in a skin cream and at a great price. I just ordered three more jars and am having great success in getting rid of age spots to my face and those wrinkles on the neck that tend to age you. I use this cream religiously on a daily basis. I've also recently noticed that the sagging skin I was noticing prior to using this product has tightened as well. I would recommend this highly to anyone looking for a pycnogenol product that really works. Thanks again Venus!!”

Windy, verified purchase, 3 jars, June 18, 2012


“I have been using Venus Naturals products for several years now, specifically but not limited to, Pycnogenol Cream and the Venus Cellagen Cream. I am able to use both these creams on a consistent basis, something I have not been able to do with anything else as I have very fragile skin. I suffer from Crohn's Disease and the skin, being the largest organ in the body always indicates what is going on internally. The Pycnogenol cream has a wonderful effect when I apply it.. it makes my skin smooth and I honestly believe it assists in delaying the effects of aging. Most importantly it NEVER aggravates my skin. This company is very strict with quality control and I can rely on the cream being the same each time I place an order... and that order is always delivered to me in a timely fashion... always in tact... never any damage. KUDOS to Venus Naturals!”

Susan, verified purchase, single jar, July 21, 2013

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feedback comments — venus pycnogenol cream

“Excellent cream.”

Anita Cavazos, January 19, 2012

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Pain-Eez pain relief cream

Love this product

“Love this product! This was my first try with it, and I am very happy. It helps with my chronic pain, is not visible a few seconds after applying, does not stain, lasts for quite a few hours.

“It has also been helpful to 2 others with chronic pain who tested samples of mine. It does has a definite medicinal smell, but this is okay since it actually works. Wish I had found it much earlier! Price is very good for the benefit received. Will order again.”

Vickie, verified purchase, single jar, August 25, 2014

Pain eez natural cream

“I had been looking for a natural product and found pain - eez an amazing natural product as it helped my arthiritis condition. I would recommend this product to anyone suffering from joint or arthiritic pain.”

jamgirl, verified purchase, single jar, April 4, 2012

very good pain gel

“Very, very good pain gel. Has all the good ingredients in it I was looking for. Nice and easy to apply.”

Texgal, verified purchase, single jar, November 7, 2014

Great Product

“All natural Poroduct, works amazingly well much faster and better than anything traditionally at your local pharmacy for fast effective pain relief.”

Suzanne, verified purchase, single jar, June 17, 2014

Five Stars

“Helps with pain in my knees related to arthritis. Thank God, I found this product.”

marilena mateosky, verified purchase, single jar, October 20, 2016

Must have

“I recently had knee replacement revision surgery and this cream helped tremendously in relieving the soreness in and around the incision site.”

teota, verified purchase, single jar, September 6, 2011

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feedback comments — pain-eez

“This product is wonderful! ... I would highly recommend buying this product from this seller.”

Becky Cafouros, november 4, 2011

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Venus Cellagen anti-aging cream

I love this product!

“This product has truly exceeded my expectations, I love it. Not only does it smell amazing but it really does make your skin look more youthful! I love the fact that it uses only natural ingredients and I love the consistency. It's very creamy but not too thick and it doesn't feel greasy like some creams do.

“It absorbs really nice into your skin and I can put my makeup on shortly after. In fact, my cover up goes on smoother with it on underneath and it gives my skin a nice glow. It's been perfect for combating the dryness of our Canadian winters! It's been tough this season because my skin was drying out so much in the T-zone that my make up was making it look worse. I noticed a considerable difference right away, it gave me a more even complexion that feels softer and looks healthier and I am so thankful, it was really bothering me.

“My husband's noticed the difference in my skin and he's started using some! So we'll definitely need to buy more! *laughing*. I've been using it now for about 2 weeks and I really can't recommend it enough. Looking forward to seeing more changes as time progresses! Thank you so much for such an amazing product.”

Michelle, verified purchase, single jar, February 15, 2011

Very good texture

“I like the cream texture. It is not oily and penetrates in the skin easily. About it's results with creams it is difficult to assure. Although I feel my skin in a good condition after using it and I like that my face does not gets shiny, instead kind of matte.”

Ana, verified purchase, single jar, February 6, 2015

Not your typical beauty cream...I could see an improvement overnight.

“Love it. Use it once and see the positive difference it makes. I will never run out of the cream. I use on face and neck. I also massage cream on various scars from reconstructive surgeries. Good improvement on scars.”

Maryk, verified purchase, single jar, December 17, 2014

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feedback comments — venus cellagen

“this product is incredible--after less than a week i see and really FEEL a difference with my skin. ordering more for sure.....”

Jennifer Connell, september 24, 2011

“I was so happy that my Venus Collagen Cream arrived today, I tried it immediately. I love the texture of the cream, it is rich, creamy and soufflĂ© like, the smell is very pleasant. I can already feel and see the tightening effects of the cream and I am very pleased so far. Very fast delivery service!”

Patricia C Spells, October 13, 2017

“These two creams (venus cellagen and venus pycnogenol cream) are the mainstay of my skin regimen. I have been using them for several years now and they never disappoint. The delivery schedules are always on time and I receive the items in excellent condition from this seller. This is a wonderful skin care line.”

Susan, August 4, 2013

“Venus Naturals is the BEST skin care I have found in over 60 years. I am impressed by the formulations of their products. (purchased venus cellagen, leg care combo, pycnogenol cream, eye creams, andeanrose and venus fruit acid cream)”

Lynnette Feusner, June 12, 2013

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Venus Eye Creams firming & anti-aging

Gentle and effective

“Beautiful fragrance. I wouldn't call it "super firming", but a gentle firming action.”

GWD, verified purchase, venus firming eye cream, October 10, 2015

Good vegan eye cream

“Good vegan/cruelty-free eye cream-- good creamy texture and subtle scent, not too strong or overpowering like some scented creams/moisturizers.

“Seems to work well for moisturizing the skin underneath and around my eyes!”

Karen511, verified purchase, venus anti-aging eye cream, January 30, 2017

Quality product

“Lovely feel and fragrance. I use it every night. It is gentle and effective. I love the miron glass container.”

GWD, verified purchase, venus anti-aging eye cream, October 10, 2015

I've been using the Venus Cellagen facial creme and have been pleased with the results

“I am becoming a fan of products that include immortelle essential oil as part of the ingredients. I've been using the Venus Cellagen facial creme and have been pleased with the results, so I decided to try their eye cream.

“When I found the day/night set (at a discount when ordered combined) I decided to give them a try...and I have not been disappointed. I've tried quite a few eye creams over the years, this is one brand that you can see a difference after using. This set is a good value and great product.”

Maryk, verified purchase, venus eye cream combo, January 11, 2015

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Venus Breast Enhance


“I was amazed at how natural the ingredients are, and how natural this cream is. It is not greasy at all! No trouble with putting it on twice a day, as that is what you are to do the first 3 months. Then, once a day to maintain. It smells good too, and within the first week, I already saw the difference. I will continue using.”

TTara, verified purchase, venus breast enhance, single jar, November 6, 2010

I really love love love this product a lot!!!!!!!!!!

“I love this product a lot, I have used that for a week and can obviously feel that my breast become firmer and enhanced, seems like it start to grow again.

“what's more, since this cream is made out of nature ingredient, it sells great, and really enjoy the moment when I apply and message it.And it is very smooth and silken, will never stain your clothes!!!!

“I will continue to use it,and wait for the best result.Basically, you don't need to do anything just enjoy the feeling of enhancement everyday.

“I tried many products in my life, this one is the most effective.”

Suping, verified purchase, venus breast enhance, single jar, March 29, 2012

Suprisingly... it seems to be working

“I've gone through a whole jar of enhancement cream so far, and I can tell you I've already grown 1 inch. Now I can't say for sure it's the breast cream alone, as I'm also taking a different brand of pills, but it can't hurt. Even without saying anything, my boyfriend said he noticed they were a bit bigger. I'm still the same cup size, but give it some time and hopefully I can at least make it to the B's. :)”

Emily Littrell, verified purchase, venus breast enhance, 2 jars, August 14, 2012

I have gone from a 34B to 34C and I'm not sagging at 69

“I like this cream. It may be nothing but placebo, but it seems to make my breasts feel firmer and fuller. That's a win.”

Entsphinxed, verified purchase, venus breast enhance, 2 jars, December 24, 2013

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feedback comments — venus breast enhance

“excellent cream feeling firmer in just afew days”

Anna Waltenberg, may 24 2011

“I am so satisfied with both the product and the service. The service is so helpful during the process and patiently answered every question of me. What's more, in terms of the product, it is indeed help me, and I can feel that my breast is getting firmer, and enhanced. Thanks very much for the help and perfect product.”

Suping Chen, march 29, 2012

“This product really works. Try some and find out for yourself. It may not work for everyone but it did for me.”

John Everidge, august 2, 2012

“Excellent, product does what it says.”

Martin Geraghty, november 29, 2012

“love your product...”

Zhen Yu, september 15, 2012

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AndeanRose scar cream

Amazing product, can't say enough...

“I have been blown away by this product and so have my family and friends. I used it all throughout my 1st pregnancy to prevent stretch marks and I can say that it definitely works!

“I have quite a few friends who were so impressed with my belly that they will be ordering it for their pregnancies! I also received so many comments from my midwives. They were shocked how soft and supple my skin remained all the way until the end. Despite my large belly (I had an 8lb baby!) I had not one stretch mark! I never experienced the belly "itchiness" and dryness that all the books and mama's talk about and I love putting it on! It smells amazing, truly, and it's all-natural which is so good for me and baby. I love the thickness and consistency of it and the smell just makes you feel good.

“I'm in my 9th month of my 2nd pregnancy (due in a week!) and I just wanted to spread the word before I get too busy! I think you should be marketing this for pregnant mama's Venus Naturals, honestly! I'm really serious, it's that amazing. I've used it all pregnancy this time around too and have not one stretch mark, no belly itchiness or dryness. I get so many comments from friends on my belly, how soft it is. The skin feels really hydrated as well, very supple. I feel truly grateful to have found this product and highly recommend it.”

Michelle, verified purchase, venus andeanrose scar cream, single jar, February 15, 2011

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feedback comments — andeanrose

“...Awesome product and super great service. Definatly recommended.”

Nita Ward, February 11, 2011

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Venus hand and foot creams

Excellent cream

“Just what I was looking for; non-greasy, thick and perfect absorption.”

Amazon Customer, verified purchase, venus calendula hand cream, September 25, 2017

But now that I have been using it for about a week I must say that this is the most wonderful smelling, softest working foot cream

“I was skeptical when I purchased this lotion because so many of the "natural" creams are ineffective. But now that I have been using it for about a week I must say that this is the most wonderful smelling, softest working foot cream I have ever used, and I have used lots over the years.

“The cream is beautifully fragrant mint and vanilla, refreshing and light. The softness lasts all day even with my feet in sandals. I rub it into my elbows and hands, too. I'd love to have it as a body lotion! Going to try some of the other Venus Natural products. Don't hesitate to buy this foot will love it!!”

JLG, verified purchase, venus vanilla mint foot cream, May 18, 2017

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feedback comments — vanilla mint foot cream

“Great foot creme!”

JLG May 18, 2017

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Venus weight loss products

Absolutely wonderful

“I've been looking all over for a toning shower gel & lotion & this is what the Dr. Order! It absorb into your skin & you can feel the difference.”

Cecelady, verified purchase, venus body slimming combo, April 27, 2013

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Venus Skin Lighten

It's all natural!

“I lived on the Equator for years and the excessive heat damaged the skin on my face so much that I have very dark patches on my forehead and cheeks. I have tried various fade creams but because most contain harsh chemicals, the situation only became worse!

“Then a friend told me to try Venus Natural Skin Fade Cream. This is what I have been looking for! Just a little goes along way and goes on smoothly. I apply it on twice daily, morning and evening and the dark patches on my face are beginning to lighten up just after a few days of use. The best thing about this cream is that it does not contain harsh chemicals. It is all NATURAL. I love it and will definitely re-order!”

Zippy A., verified purchase, venus skin lighten, July 1, 2018

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