Venus Breast Enhance Success Stories


he following testimonials are real, unedited letters written by our customers. Names are left out by request for privacy reasons.

“Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with many of your products. I do use several of them. I especially like the Venus Breast Creme (now Breast Enhance). It is easy to use and does work. When I first started to use the creme I had a bust size of 34B. I have been using the bust creme now for about a year and a half and my bust size now is a very full 36C. Actually I could easily wear a 38B with no problem. I had never used a type of creme before because I was never sure if they would work. I was surfing the net one night and keyed up on bust cremes and found the Venus site. I read all the literature that they had and what many of the products contained and decided to take chance. Best chance I ever took. I would definitly encourage anyone to try these product with confidence and results.

“By the way that 38B I now have is a very full and firm bust line. I am over 50 and as we all have noticed as we age things began to sag and were not as firm as they were. I have noticed that the sagging now has a slight uplift and the bust is definitly firm.”

“I have been using the venus breast cream (now Breast Enhance) for three months and I have seen a noticeable difference in my breast size. It has increased 1 full cup size, and continues to augment the more I use it.

“Being aware of my body and health, I have always looked to alternatives to surgery because, quite frankly, a foreign substance is quite intimidating, and frightening. Venus products have heightened my own self confidence without having to go through any sort of surgical intervention.

“As an added bonus, I have been a professional model for 11 years and recently have been booked for swimwear and underwear photoshoots and shows which pays considerably more than any other sort of bookings. Using venus breast cream has actually been quite profitable, not only for my own personnal self-image, but also in my work.”

“I am pleased to say that I have been using Venus Creme (now Breast Enhance) for a while now and am very happy with the results I have achieved in such a short time. When I began using Venus Creme (Breast Enhance) my bust size was a 36 nearly A. Now, after using the product, I am a 38B and very pleased with the results. My bust is fuller and firmer than ever before (even after having and breastfeeding 2 children)! It is much easier to find clothing that fits my entire figure, not having to buy separates all of the time. Both my husband and myself are very pleased with the results.

“I would recommend Venus Creme (Breast Enhance) and other Venus Naturals products to anyone.”

“I am a very happy and satified customer of Venus Natural Products. I have been using the Venus Natural Breast Creme (Breast Enhance) for about two years now and have increased my breast size and went from a 36B bra to a 36C bra which I fill to capacity.

“I am very pleased with the results that I have achieved and so is my husband. I am 55 years old and my breast is full and firm and not sagging or thinned out. Who said that getting older means that you are falling apart and have to look like that. You owe it to yourself to be the best you can in all ways. The personal satisfaction and self confidence you get is worth the effort.

“I recommend using any of the Venus Natural Products with confidence and very good results.”

“I was 36B before I gave birth to my daughter. After her birth my breasts eventually shrunk to a sagging 34B. At this point I started using the venus cream (Breast Enhance). My bust size increased the very next day by 1/4 inch and a few days after that increased again by a full 1/2inch. Within the next 3 months I was able to fit comfortably into a 38C bra for the first time in my life. My bust is even larger and firmer now than it was before my I became pregnant. The best part is I have not gained any excess weight in the process. I am a still very slim but much more attractive. Thank you Venus Naturals!”

“I received my order 5 days ago and i just have one thing to say, I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT(S)! The Venus Creme (Breast Enhance) is suitable for my sensitive skin as it has no alcohol added. I can already feel that it's working! thanks for the free samples and the '15 mins programme' diskette too... By the way, i have visited your website and the layout, informations and navigation is excellent! keep up the good work!”

“After using my first jar of the Venus cream (Breast Enhance) I am very happy to report that I went from a 36B cup to 36D cup in 6 weeks! I work out every day at the gym before I go to work but I was never able to improve my bustline to this level of firmness and fullness at the gym. Now I do the 15 minute Venus program on disk three times a week and I use the maintenance program for the cream. This works extremely well for me.

“I also noticed the hormone balancing action of the cream right away. I don't get into irritable moods any more. I feel calm, centered and relaxed.”

“I definitely have to rave about your products because in one weeks time I saw a growth of 1/2 inch. It’s the absolute best, best, best product out there and I would definitely buy from you again.”

“I purchased venus cream (Breast Enhance) in hope to give my breasts more fullness. I was pleasantly surprised that after two weeks my breasts were fuller and firmer. Following the exercise program and venus cream (Breast Enhance) after six weeks my breasts grew from a 36b to a full c. I am very pleased with your product.“

“I have been using the Venus breast cream (now Breast Enhance) for about 6 months and have noticed incredible results. Before I started using the cream I was wearing a size 36A bra, now I can barely fit into a 36C! After the first jar I experienced slightly fuller breasts, and by the time finished the second jar I had to buy all new bras! I originally bought the cream because my breast were still sagging, lifeless, and flat after I had breast fed my daughter 3 years ago. Now, since I have been using the cream, my breasts are fuller and more youthful, and I finally have cleavage! It has also improved my sex life dramatically! I can't say enough about how much this product has helped me, but I will say this: THANK YOU!”

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