all natural Venus Skin Lighten

Venus Skin Lighten

• 2 fl oz – 60ml jar

• all natural ingredients

• safe and effective

• paraben and sulfate free

• hi-potency formula

• herbal ingredients effectively inhibit melanin production (skin pigment)

• no harsh bleaches and mercury free

• no Hydroquinone or Titanium Dioxide

• no peeling or scabbing of skin

• usable under other cosmetics

2 oz jar ... $22

Venus Skin Lighten Will Help
Even Your Skin Tone
— Safely and Naturally

Venus Skin Lighten will effectively...

Help lighten your complexion

Help to remove age and liver spots

Help even skin tone without harsh chemicals — gentle and safe to use in any area of the body

Venus Skin Lighten is...

— Safer

Paraben Free
animal friendly

not tested on animals
no animal ingredients

Safer alternative to using creams containing harsh chemical bleaches, AHA skin peels, or other potentially dangerous ingredients and... safer for animals too since our creams do not contain animal by-products and are not tested on animals!

— More Effective

More effective and more gentle on your skin than creams containing mineral oil or other substances that block skin pores.

— More Affordable

Venus Skin Lighten is affordably priced compared to other leading brands containing the same or similar active ingredients.

— All Natural

Venus Skin Lighten is the only 100% natural skin lightening cream on the market, formulated from the ground up with a luxurious aromatherapy base cream that is very gentle on the skin, with added ingredients that nurture and protect the skin. Active ingredients are herbal extracts of bearberry and mitracarpe that are effective melanin inhibitors.

Go Green — by ‘buying green’, that is, buying alternative natural products such as Venus Skin Lighten you will be helping save our environment and our planet!

Skin Pigmentation and Natural Skin Lightening


he skin and hair are coloured by a pigment called melanin. This colouration varies with the type and the quantity of melanin synthesized by the melanocytes, and plays an important role in the protection against solar radiation. Melanin is classified into 2 groups, eumalanin and phaeomelanin. Eumelanin is of a brown colour while phaeomelanin is of a red colour. Formation of melanin occurs usually in continuous and harmonious fashion in the skin and hair. Under certain conditions and under the influence of certain factors, pigmentation disorders can occur and can lead to hyperpigmentation (ie. freckles, chloasma, lentigosenil (age spots)).

Whitening, depigmentation and treatment of skin discolouration are mostly based on the inhibition of the enzyme tyrosinase which is responsible for melanin synthesis. Hydroquinone is the most active molecule known for this activity. However, it is quite aggressive in its action and is known to irritate the skin. Certain derivatives of this molecule posses similar activity without the disadvantages ascribed to hydroquinone. Examples of these are Arbutin and Harounoside.

Venus Skin Lighten cream is unique in that it is an all-natural alternative to hydroquinone based treatments. It contains a vegetal extract of Mitracarpe (Mitracarpus scaber) and Bearberry (Arctostaphylus uvae ursi), which help in skin lightening and depigmentation areas. Mitracarpe extract contains a hydroquinone derivative called Harounoside while Bearberry contains the well known compound Arbutin. Both molecules have an inhibitory effect on tyrosine activity, and thus inhibits the synthesis of melanin.

Venus Skin Lighten


enus Skin Lighten is an effective, all-natural formula that helps to even skin tone, making heavy pigmentation less noticeable. It is non-toxic and non-irritating, a safe alternative containing absolutely no Hydroquinone or Titanium Oxide. Hydroquinone is a chemical bleaching agent found in many skin whitening products and has been said to be carcinogenic. Titanium Dioxide is a white powder used in paint products and can irritate the skin.

Venus Skin Lighten does not contain any AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid or Glycolic Acid) which can damage your skin by peeling or scabbing of the top layer of skin, worsening pigmentation problems.

Venus Skin Lighten does not contain any irritants such as mineral oil/petroleum and sodium laurel sulfate (a harsh detergent), ingredients found in many skin creams. If your skin is highly sensitive, it is especially important to avoid such ingredients in the products that you use.

No Parabens (chemically synthesized preservatives) are used

Other creams contain synthetic preservatives such as Propylparaben, Methylparaben and Butylparaben, which are toxic but widely used in the cosmetics industry. Venus Skin Lighten has in it only natural preservatives that are used by aromatherapists.

There is a growing concern about the use of parabens in cosmetics in relation to the increased risk of breast cancer. For more information on the dangers of parabens, search the net with the keywords ‘dangers of parabens’.

Some skin lightening (or whitening) creams contain parabens, even though they claim to be ‘natural’.

Many companies selling their own brands do not publish all ingredients, only selected ones, so you do not even know what you are getting!

For your safety, Venus Naturals discloses all ingredients used in our products.

Ingredients in Venus Skin Lighten

purified water (steam distilled), rosewater (steam distilled), emulsifyer wax made from coconut and palm oils (cetyl stearyl alcohol), coconut oil (light fraction), sweet almond oil, bearberry extract (Arctostaphylus uvae ursi), mitracarpe extract (Mitracarpus scaber), vitamin E (pure mixed with soy oil), myrrh, vegetable glycerin, grapefruit seed extract, natural preservative (hydrozimtalcohol).

Directions for using Venus Skin Lighten

Prepare your skin treatment by first using a good quality natural cleanser made for your skin type, followed by a good alcohol-free toner. Massage gently into any area of the face or body to lighten dark pigmentation or spots. Use daily for maximum effect. Avoid exposing your skin to the sun and use Venus Skin Lighten with a good quality sunscreen.

“I lived on the Equator for years and the excessive heat damaged the skin on my face so much that I have very dark patches on my forehead and cheeks. I have tried various fade creams but because most contain harsh chemicals, the situation only became worse!

“Then a friend told me to try Venus Natural Skin Fade Cream.” ... read more

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