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Pycnogenol Cream

Venus Pycnogenol Cream

• 2 fl oz – 60ml jar

• all natural ingredients

• safe and effective

• paraben and sulfate free

• hi-potency formula

• optimum amount of pure Pycnogenol

60 ml jar $35

Anti-Aging, Anti-Oxidative
properties of Pycnogenol Cream
protect Skin from Accelerated Aging


ll ages can benefit from this all natural cream containing Pure Pycnogenol Extract. Use it for sun protection and to repair damaged skin (sun and scar damage). Use it to help stop the development of wrinkles. Use it to help fade brown spots (first signs of aging) and dark spots that are the result of hyper-pigmentation. And... Venus Pycnogenol cream makes an excellent base for foundation and eye make-up too!

Pycnogenol highlighted on Dr Oz Shows:
According to dermatologist Dr. Joely Kaufman, “you can use it topically and apply it directly to the brown spot, and over time it will fade”

Dr Oz showed an image of Dermatologist, Dr. Joely Kauffman. The average age the audience guessed was 31. Her real age? 41-years-old!
(reference: Dr. Oz show, May 15, 2012: Defy Your Age! Look 10 Years Younger)

Another Dr. Oz show, aired on New Years Eve 2012, suggests that Pycnogenol supplements and cream can help make your skin look younger. Naturopath Pina LoGiudice: “Pycnogenol sends a message to our cells to double the amount antioxidants and then works to smooth out wrinkles and hydrate the skin, leaving it tight and glowing”.
(reference: Dr. Oz show, December 31, 2012: 7 years younger revolutionary anti-aging plan)

Venus Pycnogenol Cream is...

— Safer

Paraben Free
animal friendly

not tested on animals
no animal ingredients

There are absolutely no parabens, sulfates, artificial ‘parfums’, dyes or other chemical additives that can cause allergic reactions or have long-term negative side effects and... safer for animals too since our creams do not contain animal by-products and are not tested on animals!

— a Hi-Potency Formula

Venus Pycnogenol cream contains an optimal amount of pure pycnogenol extract (.5%) for maximum effectiveness. Other ingredients such as avocado, rosehip and carrot oils have been added to make this cream one of the best treatment creams sold anywhere. It is also more effective and more gentle on your skin than creams containing mineral oil or other substances that block skin pores.

— All Natural

Venus Pycnogenol Cream was formulated from the ground up with an aromatherapy base cream that is very gentle on the skin, with added ingredients that nurture and protect the skin. Only the finest natural ingredients are used, including beneficial essential oils such as howood leaf, geranium, sandalwood and ylang ylang.

Go Green — by ‘buying green’, that is, buying alternative natural products such as Venus Pycnogenol Cream you will be helping save our environment and our planet!

Pycnogenol® — French Maritime Pine Bark Extract

French Maritime Pine Forest French Maritime Pine Forest

ycnogenol is the registered trademark for the unique extract from the bark of French maritime pine trees. The bark of this tree is loaded with beneficial antioxidant nutrients including bioflavonoids, which are also found in many fresh fruits and vegetables. The pine trees are cultivated over a period of 30-50 years in a large forest of millions of acres in South-West France near the famous Bordeaux region. The pure extract is a fine powder which is a light orange-brown color. It is used in dietary supplements, and in body creams and lotions for natural skin care. When used in body creams and lotions, it is important that an optimal concentration is used for maximum effectiveness.

* Pycnogenol is the registered trademark of Horphag Research, Geneva, Switzerland.

How Pycnogenol Cream Affects the Beauty of Your Skin

Free radicals are dangerous and scientists believe that the continuous exposure to free radicals is the major cause of aging and also of many degenerative diseases. Topically applied to the skin in a cream base, Pycnogenol fights the effects of free radicals in the following ways:

  • Pycnogenol stimulates skin cells to double their anti-oxidative power, catching free radicals in the blood stream, thereby providing double defence.

  • Binds and protects collagen, the protein that keeps the skin tight and smooth. Enzymes and free radicals can no longer break down collagen and elastin fibers, thereby stopping developing wrinkles in their tracks.

  • Protects the skin from accelerated aging due to exposure to sunlight (preventing photo-aging)

  • Helps fade age spots, the first signs of aging

  • Helps to lighten disturbing dark spots on the skin resulting from over-pigmentation

  • Restores good blood circulation in tiny capillaries in the skin, restoring water and oxygen and removing waste products. Your skin is replenished with moisture, looking young and fresh.

Venus Pycnogenol Cream

Venus Pycnogenol Cream

enus Pycnogenol® Cream is not just any pycnogenol cream. First, it contains an optimal concentration of pure French Maritime Pine Bark Extract. Second, our cream is unique in that, like our other creams, it contains only 100% natural ingredients, with no artificial fragrances, chemical preservatives, synthetic dyes or other synthetics added. In addition, no animal by-products are used.

Venus Pycnogenol® Cream has a natural fragrance that comes from the essential oils in it. Unlike chemical fragrances, the natural fragrance in our cream does not linger, because the cream is absorbed easily and quickly into the skin, leaving the skin feeling and smelling fresh. The color is a light orange-brown and comes only from the color of the Pycnogenol itself (the color of the cream base without the Pycnogenol is white).

pure pycnogenol powderPure Pycnogenol Powder

Venus Pycnogenol Cream
contains an optimal concentration (.5%)
of pure pycnogenol

No Parabens (or their alternatives) are used

Other creams contain synthetic preservatives such as Propylparaben, Methylparaben and Butylparaben, which are toxic but widely used in the cosmetics industry. Alternatives for parabens include Phenoxyethanol and Ethylhexylglycerin, both synthetic and also found to be toxic. All Venus Naturals creams and lotions, including Venus Pycnogenol cream, contain only natural preservatives that are used by aromatherapists.

There is a growing concern about the use of parabens in cosmetics in relation to the increased risk of breast cancer. For more information on the dangers of parabens, search the net with the keywords ‘dangers of parabens’.

Many creams contain parabens, even though they claim to be ‘natural’.

Many companies selling their own brands do not publish all ingredients, only selected ones, so you do not even know what you are getting!

For your safety, Venus Naturals discloses all ingredients used in our products.

Other Ingredients in Venus Pycnogenol Cream

rose hips, rosa mosqueta rosehips, after rose petals have fallen

Rose Hip oil (Rosa Mosqueta) is a rich source of essential fatty acids and is known for its healing properties. It comes from wild rose bushes of Chile, South America and is especially suited to treat damaged skin conditions such as burns, scars and stretch marks. The oil is extracted from the seeds in the rose hips, after the petals have fallen.

Other ingredients include therapeutic grade essential oils of myrrh, sandalwood, geranium, howood leaf and ylang ylang. High quality carrier oils make for easy absorption and for extra therapeutic benefit to the skin. These include carrot oil, avocado oil, sesame oil and calendula oil. Natural shea butter gives your skin a light sheen. Natural cocoa butter gives additional natural sun protection. The cream base is made with purified water (steam distilled) and rose hydrosol (steam distilled rose floral water) giving additional benefit for all skin types. All Venus Naturals creams and lotions contain a natural preservative mix of myrrh, vitamin E and grapefruit seed extract.

Directions for using Venus Pycnogenol Cream

Venus Pycnogenol® Cream is a rich, light cream moisturizer for dry, sensitive, allergic, sun-damaged, problem skin conditions and daily skin care. It visibly improves your skin’s quality and appearance. Apply sparingly after cleansing and toning. Use daily for maximum benefit. You can use it by itself or as a base for makeup or other moisturizers. It makes an excellent base for foundation and eye make-up. It has excellent anti-aging properties and can be used along with other forms of Pycnogenol that are taken internally for added benefit. All skin types can benefit from using Venus Pycnogenol Cream.

“A year and a half ago, a dermatologist froze thirteen sun spots off of my skin. Most of them returned within a year or so. Understanding the healing qualities of pycnogenol, I decided to try it in a cream form on those spots. I used two other brands with very limited results before I tried yours. With your product, my sun spots have greatly improved and continue to improve as I continue to use your product. Thank you for producing a quality product.”

K.M. Florida

“I've been using this product for over a year now and I love the results. There's something to be said for the amount of pycnogenol in combination with the other ingredients in this cream. Venus pycnogenol cream keeps my skin looking bright, young and no wrinkles. I shopped around and compared other creams that claim to have pycnogenol as an ingredient -- this is the first product that does what it claims to do.”

A.C. Illinois

“I searched for an alcohol free cream that might preserve and protect my husband's fair skin to apply during the course of daily cancer radiation treatments to his head region and after radiation is over to repair damage as we were advised radiation will change the texture, color and quality of his skin. This Venus cream caught my eye initially because it's alcohol free and has Pycnogenol-a form of tree bark I take as an oral supplement because it's a powerful antioxidant. I also liked the list of other natural ingredients.” ... read more

Robin, Top 500 Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer

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