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• 2 fl oz – 60ml jar

• effectively reduces scars and stretchmarks, even long-standing ones

• helps prevent stretchmarks for forming

• safe, all natural ingredients

• powerful, effective healing formula contains 5% Rosa Mosqueta oil

• contains frankincense, myrrh, geranium, carrot oil and natural cocoa butter

• paraben and sulfate free

60 ml jar $25

All Natural AndeanRosetm
is made with Rosa Mosqueta,
the “Gold of the Andes”

ndeanRose is the premiere, totally natural intensive cream for stretch marks, scars, burns and photo-aged or sun-damaged skin. Made with food grade botanicals and herbs, this high-potency cream gets its name from its main ingredient, Rosa Mosqueta, organic Chilean Rosehip Oil from wild rose bushes grown in the Andes mountains of Chile, South America. It will not clog pores, is hypo-allergenic, sulfate and paraben free. If you're a ‘vegan’, this cream has not been tested on animals and is free of animal by-products.

AndeanRose is...

— Safer

Paraben Free
animal friendly

not tested on animals
no animal ingredients

There are absolutely no parabens, sulfates, artificial ‘parfums’, dyes or other chemical additives that can cause allergic reactions or have long-term negative side effects and... safer for animals too since our creams do not contain animal by-products and are not tested on animals!

— a Hi-Potency Formula

AndeanRose contains an optimum concentration of Rosa Mosqueta (5%). Other ingredients such as avocado, borage and carrot oils have been added to make this cream one of the best treatment creams sold anywhere. It is also more effective and more gentle on your skin than creams containing mineral oil or other substances that block skin pores.

— All Natural

AndeanRose was formulated from the ground up with a luxurious aromatherapy base cream that is very gentle on the skin, with added ingredients that nurture and protect the skin. Only the finest natural ingredients are used, including essential oils such as lavender, frankincense and geranium.

Go Green — by ‘buying green’, that is, buying alternative natural products such as AndeanRose you will be helping save our environment and our planet!

Harness the great healing power of Rosa Mosqueta oil to improve your complexion


hilean Rosehip Oil, known as Rosa Mosqueta, is pressed from the rosehip seeds of one type of wild rose grown in the Andes of South America. It contains a natural form of Retinol as well as an extremely high percentage of essential fatty acids and Vitamin C. Scars even 20 years old respond to this oil when other therapies fail, and burned skin heals faster because of the regeneration of tissue. AndeanRose cream is blended with organic extracts and essential oils to harness the therapeutic effects of Rosa Mosqueta Oil.

  • Moisturizes, firms and revitalizes dull complexions

  • Collagen-boosting; restores skin’s elasticity and youthfulness

  • Balances combination ‘T-Zone’ skin so doesn’t leave an oily residue

  • Helps heal broken capillaries (Rosacea), softens chicken pox or acne scars and smoothes wrinkles

  • Fades blemishes or pigmentation so it is ideal for darker skin types

  • reduces effects of photo-aging due to sun damage such as lines, pigment and age spots

  • GMO free (free of genetically modified organisms) and hypo-allergenice, AndeanRose can be used by all skin types — combination, blemished, acne, mature

Stretch Marks and their Treatment


tretch marks are scars caused by damage to the elastic fibers that help skin to stretch. The more elastic your skin is, the less likelihood you will get stretchmarks. As the skin stretches, such as during the second half of pregnancy to accommodate a growing baby, elastic fibers in the skin may break down causing skin damage, creating stretch marks. Some women also get them on the hips, breasts, and buttocks.

Depending on your skin color, stretch marks start out as pink, reddish brown, brown, or very dark brown streaks. After pregnancy, the reddish or brown pigmentation in the stretch marks gradually fades, and the streaks become lighter than the surrounding skin (turning a pale white shade).

Treating Stretchmarks

Stretchmarks are not harmful to your health — they will gradually become much less noticeable as the pigmentation begins to fade. To improve the cosmetic appearance of the skin with stretchmarks, various methods of treatment and prevention are available (postpartum or after any excessive weight gain over a short period).

  • Drink plenty of water! This simple remedy strengthens the skin. Avoid (or reduce) caffein drinks and alcoholic drinks which dehydrate the skin.

  • Avoid excessive weight gain to prevent stretchmarks from getting worse.

  • Massage the skin in the area of the stretchmarks. This act alone increases circulation to the affected area and stimulates new tissue growth. Any cream or massage oil will do. However, creams containing oils with healing properties such as vitamin E oil are best. These oils may prevent scarring and limit the amount of damage caused.

  • Creams containing alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs) can be of some benefit in your battle to get rid of stretch marks. AHAs are usually derived from fruit and they are sometimes called ‘fruit acids’. These creams can improve your skin texture and color by increasing cell regeneration. AHAs remove the top layer of cells which then allows healthier ones to come to the surface which help with improving the appearance of your stretch marks. All-natural creams such as Venus Fruit Acid Cream are best since they contain only fruit acids from natural sources and no synthetic AHA. The action on the skin is gentler since scabbing is a side effect of harsher creams.

Sun Damaged and Aged Skin

Clinical studies done in Chile in 1988 on test volunteers selected among people who usually spend the 3 months of summer in resorts by the sea or who go to the beach every day were carried out on 20 women, aged between 25 and 35 who showed cutaneous signs such as surface wrinkles, brown spots, and active keratosis. After applying Chilean rose hip oil for a period of three weeks, spots started to fade until, at the end of the fourth month, the disappearance was complete. Skin presented a smooth and fresh aspect and the spots had almost disappeared.

Healing for Burns

Dr. Rusowsky of Deformes Hospital in Santiago, Chile says of Chilean rosehip oil, “rosehip oil improves the texture and quality of skin by increasing its elasticity. Rosehip oil helps people who have suffered burns. Its effect, more than to flatten out hypertrophic and hyperplasic scars (raised and bulky scars), is to improve the colour of the scars and of the skin in the affected area.”

The research studies suggest that Chilean rosehip oil from pure rosa mosqueta applied twice a day, every day reduces scar tissue, helps to prevent and fade stretch marks, attenuates wrinkles and age spots, improves burned skin, aids in the treatment of dermatitis and is excellent to prevent photoaging and relieves dry skin.

Heals and Softens Surgical Scars

In another clinical study reported by Professor Bertha Pareja of the University of San Marcos, Lima, Peru, and Professor Horst Kehl of the School of Pharmacology of the University of Missouri, Kansas City, Missouri, USA, 10 women, aged between 45 and 68, who had suffered unilateral or bilateral mastectomy and scars with equal features received applications of Chilean rosehip oil starting on the day when the surgical stitches were removed. After three months of applying twice daily (morning and evening) it was noted that the scars were less apparent, without lumps and that skin elasticity had improved and the colour of the area had improved significantly.

Anti-Stretchmark for Expectant Moms

AndeanRose cream is the best companion for expectant moms to help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Rosa mosqueta oil and cocoa butter in the cream are the perfect combination to improve your skin’s elasticity and to prevent stretch marks. Being completely natural and free of synthetics AndeanRose cream is perfectly safe for you and baby.

Anti-Stretchmark for Body Builders

Effective for body builders who have ‘pumped up’ too quickly and have stretch marks from overstretched muscles.

Anti-Stretchmark for Women and Adolescent girls

Perfect for women who have stretch marks as a result of being overweight or adolescent girls with stretch marks on thighs and breasts as a result of new growth and development.

No Parabens are used

Other creams contain synthetic preservatives such as Propylparaben, Methylparaben and Butylparaben, which are toxic but widely used in the cosmetics industry. AndeanRose has in it only natural preservatives that are used by aromatherapists.

There is a growing concern about the use of parabens in cosmetics in relation to the increased risk of breast cancer. For more information on the dangers of parabens, search the net with the keywords ‘dangers of parabens’.

Many creams contain parabens, even though they claim to be ‘natural’.

Many companies selling their own brands do not publish all ingredients, only selected ones, so you do not even know what you are getting!

For your safety, Venus Naturals discloses all ingredients used in our products.

Ingredients in AndeanRose

rose hips, rosa mosqueta rosehips, after rose petals have fallen

AndeanRose cream contains only 100% Pure Natural Source Ingredients: Organic Rose Hip oil (Rosa Mosqueta) is a rich source of essential fatty acids and is known for its healing properties. It comes from wild rose bushes of Chile, South America and is especially suited to treat damaged skin conditions such as burns, scars and stretch marks. The oil is extracted from the seeds in the rose hips, after the petals have fallen.

AndeanRose will not irritate even the most sensitive skin because it is completely natural. It contains no chemicals, sulfates, parabens, synthetic colors, synthetic fragrances or animal by-products. It absorbs quickly so you can apply it under make-up or over it. Scars become softer, flatter and less noticeable while the appearance of your skin improves greatly due to the powerful natural ingredients in this remarkable cream.

Pure Aromatherapy-grade Therapeutic Essential Oils are carefully selected for their gentle healing properties and to minimize existing stretch marks and prevent future stretch marks from forming. These include: geranium, lavender, frankincense and myrrh. Blended with pure, natural vegetable oils for their soothing and healing properties: sweet almond oil, olive oil, avocado oil, carrot oil and coconut oil. Additional ingredients: vitamin E and natural cocoa butter. Base cream is made with purified water, lavender water (hydrosol) and natural emulsifiers from coconut and palm oils.

How to Use AndeanRose Cream

It's so easy to use, for stretch marks, just massage into existing stretch marks and susceptible problem areas such as thighs, hips, chest abdomen and buttocks. For burns, scars and blemished skin massage or tap gently into scars or blemishes until skin absorbs the cream. Use two or three times daily. Some customers have reported that their stretch marks and scars, etc. have disappeared in as little as 2 weeks. Deeper marks will take longer and may not disappear completely but their appearance can be minimized.

The following testimonials are real, unedited letters written by our customers. Names are left out by request for privacy reasons.

“I have been using the AndeanRose Cream morning and night for about 2 months. I love the pleasant aroma and its silky consistency. I had tried every product to get rid of brown spots on my neck and chest due to sunbathing. Nothing was working until I tried your cream. The skin on my face, hands and chest where I have applied the cream is now so youthful and soft and blemish-free and I'm very pleased to report that after 4 months they still haven't returned! Thanks, Venus Naturals!”

“Working out frequently for several years has caused some very serious, noticeable red stretchmarks especially around the arm pit area. After finding out from a friend about stretchmark cream, I purchased AndeanRose from Venus Naturals. I noticed after application of it everyday for a couple of weeks that most of the redness went away and did not notice any new ones forming. After a few months of application no new stretchmarks were formed and the redness completely went away. Now my stretch marks are not noticeable at all. Thanks Venus Naturals.”

“I was so thrilled with the results from the AndianRose Cream that I quickly recommended it to all my girlfriends! Stretchmarks for me anyway, have been really debilitating. I know in my situation, having had them on my breasts, prevented me from engaging in the activities that showed too much, like swimming, wearing certain clothing and being comfortable with my partner. The stretchmarks that I had were very pronounced and deep purple which had a deep impact on my self confidence... until I used the AndeanRose Cream! It has really changed my life! Not only has it eliminated my stretch marks to the point where you wouldn't even be able to tell that I've had them, it has changed me internally with respect to how I view myself... literally within a few short weeks, I couldn't be happier.”

The following is an Amazon Customer Review, made by Michelle, Verified Purchase, February 15, 2011.

Amazing product, can't say enough...

“I have been blown away by this product and so have my family and friends. I used it all throughout my 1st pregnancy to prevent stretch marks and I can say that it definitely works!

“I have quite a few friends who were so impressed with my belly that they will be ordering it for their pregnancies! I also received so many comments from my midwives. They were shocked how soft and supple my skin remained all the way until the end. Despite my large belly (I had an 8lb baby!) I had not one stretch mark! I never experienced the belly "itchiness" and dryness that all the books and mama's talk about and I love putting it on! It smells amazing, truly, and it's all-natural which is so good for me and baby. I love the thickness and consistency of it and the smell just makes you feel good.” ... read more

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