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venus weight loss products

• shower gel, body cream, body lotion, skin brush

• all natural ingredients

• no alcohol or harsh chemicals

• no artificial fragrances

• non-greasy, hypo-allergenic

slimming combo $57

all natural

firming cream

firm contours

• 4 fl oz – 120ml jar

• all natural ingredients

• high concentration of pure marine algae extract

• no artificial fragrances

• fresh, natural scent

• non-greasy

120 ml jar $39

all natural

firming & toning lotion

venus acne toner

• 4 fl oz – 125ml bottle

• all natural ingredients

• made with pure rose floral water (hydrosol)

• combats wrinkles, loose skin and cellulite

• fresh natural scent

125 ml bottle $16

all natural

slimming shower gel

venus acne moisturizer

• 4 fl oz – 125ml bottle

• natural sudsing action

• paraben and sulfate free

• with 5 essential oils

and pure marine algae extract

125 ml bottle $18

Weight Loss and why
most diet aids don’t work

ost diet aids keep the fat cells locked. Stingily they only release as little of the triglycerides (fat molecules) as possible. The consequence the body takes the necessary fueling substances from the connective tissue (that causes wrinkles) and muscles (that causes you to feel listless and weak). You may be familiar with this phenomenon only a few days after you finish a diet you followed strictly, you are back to your old weight. The reason is easily found. Traditional weight loss diets and diet aids cause you almost exclusively to lose water instead of fat. But you need to remove fat to lose weight permanently.

Venus Body Slimming Combo

The Venus Body Slimming Combo includes everything you need to help you lose weight and control cellulite symptoms. The combo includes:

Paraben Free
animal friendly

not tested on animals
no animal ingredients

“I've been looking all over for a toning shower gel & lotion & this is what the Dr. Order! It absorb into your skin & you can feel the difference.”
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Firm Contours

irm Contourstm is a high-potency, all natural body cream that removes toxins and excess fat from the skin and leaves the body smooth, firm and well-toned. A high concentration of marine algae extract remineralizes and helps to draw out impurities and fat from beneath the skin's surface as well as reduce symptoms of cellulite and water retention.

Ingredients in Firm Contours

purified water (steam distilled), marine algae extract, neroli hydrosol (orange flower water), vitamin E, grapeseed and coconut oils; pure essential oils of cypress, grapefruit, parsely, hyssop, lime, juniper, frankincense, petitgrain; natural preservatives and emulsifiers; paraben and sulfate free.

How to use Firm Contours

After showering or bathing, dry thoroughly and massage cream into abdomen, thighs, buttocks and else there is fluid retention, cellulite and excess fat. Your body will become slimmer, firmer and more toned within approximately 4-6 weeks of use. Given some time, you will be surprised to find your body has become more slender and your skin finer textured and smoother. Use daily as part of your weight loss program. Firm Contours has no side effects. Even when used on highly sensitive skin, this cream does not cause any irritation.

“When I was young I did a lot of sport, particularly swimming, whilst this has been great for my fitness, it left me with huge muscly arms. Unfortunately when I stopped swimming my arms lost their muscle. Venus Naturals Firm Contours Cream has been marvelous in re-toning and aiding in maintaining toned and lean arms, so I no longer feel self-conscious in singlet tops.”

Venus Body Firming & Toning Lotion

ndulge yourself in a rejuvenation spa for your skin. Venus Firming & Toning lotion helps skin become firmer, tighter and more toned. Skin heals and looks younger due to the anti-aging effects of this lotion. It also protects the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals that are constantly being generated in our polluted environment. Contains soothing rosewater and coconut oil that caress skin while extracts of cypress and fennel help skin become firmer, tighter and more toned. Juniper and lime deliver vitamin C to help skin heal and look younger.

Ingredients in Venus Firming & Toning Lotion

This all-natural lotion starts with a base made with purified water, rose hydrosol (steam distilled roses), orange flower water, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, vitamin E and natural, sulfate-free preservatives and emulsifiers. To this we added cypress essential oil which smoothes and tightens the skin. Vasoconstricting, cypress helps in the care of slack, tired and sluggish skin. Fennel essential oil also has a firming effect and acts as a natural diuretic. It combats aging problems such as wrinkles, loose skin and cellulite. Yarrow (extract in olive oil) is a diuretic and tones, strengthens blood vessels, improves circulation. Basil essential oil is a stimulant and aromatic.

How to use Venus Firming & Toning Lotion

This lotion can be used all over the body where you need toning and tightening such as the arms, sagging breasts, flabby thighs or buttocks. Use along with the rest of the body slimming kit for an effective weight loss program.

Venus Seaweed Shower Gel

enus Seaweed Shower Gel is an all-natural fat reducing formula containing pure marine algae extract. The slimming and healing effects of seaweed algae has been known to science for over 400 years. Its defatting agents penetrate the subcutaneous layer of skin, effectively reducing the percentage of body fat and preventing its accumulation by lowering blood-fat and cholesterol levels.

Venus Seaweed Shower Gel contains many kinds of trace elements, vitamins and minerals that penetrate fat cells to assist in the reduction of them while at the same time it can cure edema and reduce the accumulation of fluid under the skin. You will notice your body becoming slimmer quickly because Seaweed Shower Gel also contains natural fruit acids which have a toning and tightening action on the skin. You are not left with flabby skin or stretchmarks after you lose those inches, but rather, your skin will be smooth, firm, and well-toned. Stimulating fruit acids such as grapefuit and lime also act as antidepressants to uplift the spirits.

This defatting gel makes your weight control easy, pleasurable, and relaxing. It allows rapid fat loss, refines and softens skin and will harden your nails as you wash.

Ingredients in Venus Seaweed Shower Gel

Venus Seaweed Shower Gel is formulated with a high concentration of deepsea marine algae extract. Made especially for fat and cellulite control, Seaweed Shower Gel contains natural fruit acids, grapefruit and lime, to stimulate the lymphatic system; basil and fennel, which act as a diuretic to lessen fluid retention; marine algae extract to remineralize and along with cypress firm and tone the skin. Its rich, creamy lather can be used for shaving as well.

How to use Venus Seaweed Shower Gel

Use it daily after skin brushing. Wet skin and squeeze a small amount into a bathmit or washcloth. Step away from running water. Apply anywhere there is excess fat, cellulite or fluid retention and massage in a circular clockwise direction for one minute. Reverse and massage in an anti-clockwise direction for one full minute. Do this in each problem area. Rinse off in shower after massaging.

Your body will become slimmer, firmer and more toned within approximately 4-6 weeks of use. Given some time, you will be surprised to find your body has become more slender and your skin finer textured and smoother. Whenever you take a shower, you will enjoy superb skin care.

“In combination (with Firm Contours) I have been using Venus Slimming Shower Gel as a daily shower ritual, on the backs of my arms to eliminate cellulite and maintain that toned look. Over the last few months I have also used the shower gel on various areas of my body such as buttocks, tummy and even under my chin and am extremely satisfied with the results. I just lather it in whilst I'm in the shower and it doesn't dry my skin out at all. I highly recommend these two venus naturals products (Firm Contours and Slimming Shower Gel) to any one self-conscious about areas of their body. Sometimes more exercise just doesn't work, you actually have to attack the problem topically. Thanks for all your help Venus Naturals.”

Natural Bristle Skin Brush

ur skin, the largest organ in our bodies, flushes out toxins and absorbs nutrients and vitamins from the sun. Healthy skin works to cleanse the blood and free the system of poisons by expelling at least one pound of waste products daily.

Skin brushing stimulates the circulation, and the lymphatic system, and has a powerful rejuvenating effect on the nervous system. The major lymph nodes are dumping stations for waste fluids, and you can stimulate the expulsion of mucoid lymphatic material or impacted lymph (cellulite) by skin brushing. Also, skin brushing removes dead skin layers and other impurities, thus keeping the pores open and unclogged.

Skin should be brushed daily, BEFORE showering or bathing.

The natural bristle skin brush comes FREE with the purchase of the Body Slimming Combo one brush per customer, first time purchase only.

No Parabens are used

Other creams contain synthetic preservatives such as Propylparaben, Methylparaben and Butylparaben, which are toxic but widely used in the cosmetics industry. Venus products, including our body creams and lotions, contain only natural preservatives that are used by aromatherapists.

There is a growing concern about the use of parabens in cosmetics in relation to the increased risk of breast cancer. For more information on the dangers of parabens, search the net with the keywords ‘dangers of parabens’.

Many creams contain parabens, even though they claim to be ‘natural’.

Many companies selling their own brands do not publish all ingredients, only selected ones, so you do not even know what you are getting!

For your safety, Venus Naturals discloses all ingredients used in our products.

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